**The WebGL takes some time to load, I have included the .exe file down below**

This is a demo of the first level of my game. Please enjoy and leave any useful feedback.

The game is progressive. 

The Story

The Chickens have received information from a nearby S.E.T.I. type alien search government facility . The alien language was never decoded by the scientists, so they shelved it. The chickens understood the language and realized that their chicken race had originated somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy. the local chickens select our hero Chick (who eventually grows to be a nice size chicken (KFC).

Chick sets out on his mission , but first it must find ship parts to power the Space Chicken Coop that was built by the chickens using the alien technology. 

Through each level Chick must find certain objects that will help it advance to the next level. 

The Levels

  1. Planet Earth - Chick finds the spider chamber key to retrieve a ship part, high above is another ship part. The final boss gives the last ship part. Chick destroys the drain cover to enter the C.A.S.A. (Chicken Astronaut Space Association)through the drain of the govt building.
  2. Through The Drain Pipe - Chick encounters a highly trained militarized rat colony lead by General Ratzinger. The final mech boss is driven by two rats(lol). Chick finds the three fuel cells and Energizes the SpaceCoop....And Chick is offf to explore the Universe.
  3. The Moon - Chick realizes that being out of Earth's atmosphere it Grows into a full size Chicken. The moon has the three parts for the warp CluckEngagment.
  4. Mars - the red planet
  5. Planet X - no longer a conspiracy!
  6. The Junk Belt - where are the galactic junk goes to orbit
  7.  The Milky Way - Is that really Milk?Yep.
  8.  Andromeda Galaxy - Home to the Chicken Race. "Is that you cousin Mel?"

More To Come........

There are in game instructions but here are the GamePad/Xbox  controls:

Jump/select - A

Run - X

Dash Forward - Y

Flap your wings and attempt to fly  - B

Fire Weapon - Right Bumper (Future Right Trigger)

Inventory - Select

Pause - Options

Move/Aim weeapon - Left Stick


Space - Jump

WASD - Direction/Aim

Left Mouse - Fire

CTRL - Flap

Shift - Dash

I - inventory

P - Pause

Please leave me feedback on what you like and don't like.

Thank You Very Much,

Twisted Box Game


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Very enjoyable game. Just a note: It took a while to load onscreen (webGL) so i suggest uploading an exe. No one likes a long loading time.

Platforming is great and with a few polish here and there. It can be great. I suggest creating an invulnerable stage for 5 seconds or so when the chicken gets hit - and it flashes visible-invisible and/or a mild knock back when hit.

You've done a great job so far. Keep at it. Make sure finish the game.

Thank you very much for playing the game. I have added the exe file and made some changes.  Thank you for the suggestions. Have a great day. 

This is my first Port to itch.io . I am working out the bugs and tweaking the controls, so please bear with me.